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 If you are interested in one of our adorable babies , just realize that we will be asking you questions about  your plans for this new addition to your familyDo you plan to show?  To breed?  How much time and training do you expect to devote to this puppy? 
Will he be a well-loved family member or a show dog? We reserve the right to refuse to sell at our discretion.
We will screen you carefully, not to insult you, but just that we know our pups will be placed in a loving environment.  You will be asked to fill out an application if you are interested in purchasing a puppy. 

  If you want to reserve one of our precious babies and  we consider you to be a good home risk, we will ask you to put down a deposit, usually $500.  This deposit is non-refundable and in most cases non-transferable.  We will upon occasion allow you credit on a puppy from a  future litter if you have an emergency and are unable to get the puppy at the time chosen.

    Puppies are usually ready to go by 8 weeks, and we will expect the puppy to be paid for in full by that time.  If you are unable to pay and pick up at this time, your place in line will be forfeited and the puppy will be placed in another home.  We ask additionally that you make arrangements to receive your puppy near the time he or she is 8 weeks old.  If you ask us to keep a puppy longer, then you will be responsible for boarding charges of $20 a day.  This

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VENMO: Betty-Smith-19
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We ask that you have your puppy examined by a veterinarian soon after he arrives in your home.  If you have reserved a puppy that is not ready to go yet, you should make your appointment with your vet early.  If at that time there is found a genetic abnormality or illness, you may return your puppy for a money-back guarantee. Your puppy is also guaranteed for a year against any life-threatening congenital illnesses.  This, of course, must be verified by your vet as well as my vet.  In the case that this life-threatening abnormality is found, you would receive a replacement puppy.  In either case, it will be your responsibility to return the puppy to us for the refund or replacement.  If you decide you are unable to keep a puppy for other than health reasons, it must be returned to us with no refund.

You will be asked to sign the puppy care agreement where all of this is spelled out along with your responsibilities for care of the puppy.

The puppy will be delivered to you up to date on immunizations and free of illness, and it is your responsibility to keep up the immunizations according to specifications.  Call or email to get a copy of the agreement that you and I will have signed.

At the advice of our health care professionals and because of time constraints, we don't breed outside our kennel.
  If you purchase a puppy from us and are unable to keep it, you should return it to us without compensation, complete with all registration material and up to date on immunizations.   In fact, we require that you return the puppy to us in the event you are unable to keep it.


Bob & Betty Smith
"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, forgot about puppies."


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